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Mar, 2019

NJ Elite Tryout Schedule Posted

REVISED Schedule is now posted


Dec, 2018

NJ Elite Winter Training starts 1st week of December

The winter is where we train to shine in the summer. 
Hard work doesn't stop and neither does progress


Jul, 2018

NJ Elite Litmanen ('06B) Finalist at USYS Regional in VA

NJ Elite Litmanen reach the final of the USYS Regionals.


Jun, 2018

NJ Elite teams win spring league

The NJ Elite Stars ('09G), NJ Elite Cobras ('04B) and NJ Elite Flames ('01G) all win their respective spring leagues.


Nov, 2017

NJ Elite Flames take 1st place at Disney Showcase

The NJ Elite Flames win 2nd straight College Showcase tournament.


Nov, 2017

NJ Elite Fire win EDP College Showcase

NJ Elite Fire wins EDP College Showcase with a 4 and 0 record


Nov, 2017

NJ Elite Flames win Bethesda College Showcase

The NJ Elite Flames had 3 wins and 0 losses to start off their 2017/2018 season at the Bethesda College Showcase


Nov, 2017

NJ Elite Leeuwin State Cup Finalist

The NJ Elite Leeuwin (2005G) reach the state cup final for a second year in a row.


Nov, 2017

NJ Elite Litmanen wins back to back State Cups

The NJ Elite Litmanen wins the NJ State Cup for a second consecutive year.


Nov, 2017

NJ Elite Force (2007G) Wins State Cup

The NJ Elite Force wins the 2017/2018 NJ State Cup for U11G
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