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NJ Elite Process

The NJ Elite Try Out Process:

The open try out will be evaluated by the Head Coach of the NJ Elite team and 1 or more professional trainers (they do not have to be associated with the team).

Players will go through a warm up with ball in which their fundamental technical ability will be evaluated and will play small sided scrimmages in which the implementation of their skills are evaluated along with their understanding of the game and their decision making. Another key component of our try out process is the “coachability” of a player, i.e. how well do they listen and follow instruction, can they concentrate and adjust.

We understand that try outs are an anxious time for player (and parent) and we therefore try to create an environment that puts players at ease by using simple to understand drills in which the players are evaluated.

We also offer 2 try out dates, both are open and we encourage all players to attend both sessions, this allows the coaching staff to form a more precise image of the player.

Try out results will be communicated via the Blue Sombrero account with which the player is registered, some players will receive a direct invitation, some players will be invited to join a regular scheduled practice for a final evaluation and some players will receive a denial letter.

Try out results are not debated!

If you cannot make either of the scheduled open try outs, you must contact the DOC and not the Head Coach of the team for other arrangements.